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Jeevanam Ayurvedha Hospital offers various types of Ayurveda Packages for relaxation, rejuvenation and detoxification.

About Jeevanam

9th year of heroic struggle and tremendous growth

Jeevanam started its service with the recognition of the value of Ayurvedic treatments in the scenario where new lifestyle disorders and contagious diseases are being spread in the society globally. With the short period of its service ‘jeevanam’ could deliver excellent results for the patients who have been omitted by all other treatment systems. There are hundreds of patients including those who removed spectacles after treatment at jeevanam as well as there are many patients got relief from their severe back aches, psoriasis, migraine, diabetes, sinusitis and so on. The doctors and staff are very much satisfied for giving complete relief by the unique and original Ayurvedic treatment we follow here.

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I am very impressed and touched with the result oriented therapies that I experienced at Jeevanam Ayurveda. The commitment, hospitality and professional approach from the Doctors and the Staff are very pleasing. Post Medication and moral support from the leading doctors at Jeevanam Ayur Veda are highly appreciated. It was a great experience at Jeevanam Ayurveda throughout my therapy course.

Ms. Sunitha Fernandes


Heard about Jeevanam Ayurveda through my friend. Took an appointment and came for a Eye Treatment. Good place. Nice treatment room. Background music in treatment room makes to feel more fresh and relaxing. Felt very relaxed after the treatment. Doctor was also very nice and kind. Educated me on my diet , like what to eat to be healthy. Thank you.