Jeevanam Ayurveda

Jeevanam Ayurveda

Jeevanam was envisioned by Mr. Prasanth as a holistic Ayurvedic solution for the modernization-bred ever growing lifestyle disorders and contagious diseases that have become a global challenge. His vision is backed by his passion and experiential knowledge of the authentic traditional Ayurveda solutions. Within a short span of its inception, ‘Jeevanam’ delivered excellent results for the patients who had almost given up after trying other treatment systems in vain. There are hundreds of patients who bade good bye to their spectacles after customized treatment under the supervision of qualified ophthalmologists at Jeevanam. Eye care is just one of the specialties here. There are many patients with other conditions like severe backache, psoriasis, migraine, diabetes, sinusitis and so on who have found cure with Jeevanam therapies and rare herbal concoctions. Patient satisfaction is the driving force for our doctors and other staff to provide complete relief to the needy with the unique and original Ayurvedic treatment methods we follow here.

Jeevanam was inaugurated as a clinic by Hon’ble Sri. M. Prakashan Master, the then MLA on 05 September 2010. It was subsequently upgraded to a 10-bedded hospital with admission facilities. At present, this hospital has facilities to accommodate 60 patients at a time.

At Jeevanam Ayurveda hospital, various treatments based purely on authentic Ayurveda are available. Jeevanam's tremendous success in employing various possibilities in Ayurveda for eye care and complete cure of many associated ailments, encouraged us to start a separate ophthalmology department in our hospital. Many have expressed awe over the results we have achieved thus far in ophthalmology.

In an age when almost all sectors including healthcare are adulterated by commercialization, Jeevanam Ayurveda Hospital maintains an upright and ethical stand and vows never to dilute or betray the principles and sanctity of healthcare. Many medicinal ingredients required for Ayurvedic treatment are not available in the market. Through organic farming and symbiotic associations with tribal societies, Jeevanam collects the rarest of the medicinal plants and passes on their therapeutic benefits to the needy. Jeevanam maintains the sacred tradition enshrined in Ayurveda to add every ingredient as per a proper treatment plan. With these ideals, Jeevanam, now in its ninth year of inception, has deftly stood the test of time as an authentic Ayurvedic hospital and etched a name for itself in the elite list of Kerala Ayurvedic treatment centres.

Unarguably, Jeevanam Ayurveda Hospital is accelerating on the path to become one of India’s finest Ayurvedic hospitals with the world ranking not too far away. The dedicated service and willingness of our doctors and the staff to work day in and day out will ensure that Jeevanam's holistic Ayurveda solutions will reach every corner of the globe. Jeevanam vouches to let the world know the power of Ayurveda through its sure-shot treatments.