Jeevanam Ayurvedha

Jeevanam Ayurveda

9th year of heroic struggle and tremendous growth

Jeevanam started its service with the recognition of the value of Ayurvedic treatments in the scenario where new lifestyle disorders and contagious diseases are being spread in the society globally. With the short period of its service ‘jeevanam’ could deliver excellent results for the patients who have been omitted by all other treatment systems. There are hundreds of patients including those who removed spectacles after treatment at jeevanam as well as there are many patients got relief from their severe back aches, psoriasis, migraine, diabetes, sinusitis and so on. The doctors and staff are very much satisfied for giving complete relief by the unique and original Ayurvedic treatment we follow here.
It was inaugurated as a clinic by Hon’ble Sri. M.Prakashan Master, then MLA on 05/09/2010. It was subsequently upgraded as 10 bedded hospitals with admission facilities. At present this hospital has facilities to accommodate 60 patients at a time
In Jeevanam Ayurveda hospital, various treatment options envisaged in Ayurveda are available. Knowing the discretion that in Ayurveda, possibilities for eye care and its allied ailments has a very good treatable and curable effect, has prompted to start a separate ophthalmology department in this hospital. The results and achievements so far achieved here in ophthalmology field are surprising everybody.
In this era where almost all sectors including health care are in the grip of commercialization, Jeevanam Ayurveda Hospital is strict to its stand and not ready to dilute or give away the principles and the sacredness of health care.
Many medicinal ingredients required for Ayurvedic treatment are not available now a day in the market. Through organic farming and interference with tribal societies, such medicinal plants are now collected and made available. It is a true that adding every ingredient, according to Ayurveda treatment plan so as to upkeep its tradition is sacred. Jeevanam has taken over that time induced historical religiousness devotion and duty that is why in the 9th year of its inception as an Ayurvedic hospital in the map, Kerala Ayurvedic treatment, Jeevanam upholds its own stand that can never be erased winning the public support as its strength.
No doubt Jeevanam Ayurveda hospital will become one of India’s finest Ayurvedic hospitals and grow atop as one of the world’s finest Ayurvedic hospitals in the near future. Because at Jeevanam, the excellent treatments which attained the supreme goal for which dedicated service and willingness to work day and night are solid and intact with the management, we are sure nothing wrong against this will happen. Let the world know the strength of Ayurveda through Jeevanam