Manufacturing Units


At Jeevanam Ayur Vedha we give great priority to strike a balance between traditional practices and modern post-production techniques. Strict adherence to age-old practices, coupled with a pragmatic approach to contemporary needs, has enabled Jeevanam Ayur Vedha to maintain its goodwill and reputation over decades.

Traditional methodology

Each and every medicine is prepared at Jeevanam Ayur Vedha following the hardcore rules of the scriptures.Jeevanam Ayur Vedha maintains traditional methodology and utensils for Ayurvedic Medicine preparation. The containers for preparation of fermented products are earthen vessels which will ensure the ideal condition for the natural fermenting agents. The vessels for production are either brass or copper in specified shapes. This will help in maintaining the natural colours of medicines and oils and also to avoid harmful and toxic artificial colours. In addition, we have adopted the sterilization of pots, mortar etc. to keep up the hygiene standards.