Ulcer and Piles

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Ayurvedic treatment for Piles can be broadly classified in four different grades. Grade 1 and Grade 2 are considered as initial stages, while Grade 3 and Grade 4 are considered as advanced stage. Ayurvedic treatment for these two stages are different.
GRADE 1 & GRADE 2 are managed with customized medicines for Piles, diet and lifestyle modifications to improve digestion and regularize bowel movements. Proper adherence to treatment results in complete relief in initial stage piles.
GRADE 3 & GRADE 4 4 are the advanced forms of the disease and usually results in bleeding and prolapses. The treatment is a combination of advanced detoxification methods to cleanse ama and tailor-made medicines to strengthen the excretory channel. Based on individualized diagnosis, if necessary, we will recommend Kshar Sutra Therapy at this stage. Jiva Kshar Sutra Therapy is a safe, sure and cost-effective treatment for Piles and requires minimal surgical invasion, no hospitalisation and reduces chances of recurrence.